1. How far in advance should I book my wedding?

Inquire and book ASAP for wedding dates. It is never too early to book a date as we routinely begin booking for a year or even two in advance.

5. Do you only film on Cape Cod?

No! While we are based on Cape Cod, we shoot weddings all over New England. We’ve been in Connecticut and Massachusetts with the capabilities of shooting anywhere else in New England and we don’t charge travel fees no matter where your event is.

2. Is it possible to upgrade my package?

Yes! You can upgrade your package at any point before, during, or after your wedding day.

Please communicate your desire to either upgrade or include add-on items that weren’t originally part of your contract.

6. What music ends up in the video?

For licensing reasons, we tend to use songs that are reasonably priced to license. This means it is difficult to use specific songs requested by clients. All music licenses are included in the cost of your package.

3. Do you film LGBTQ weddings and events?

Yes! To us, love is love and we celebrate any and all couples who seek a lasting wedding film. We do not discriminate against any individuals and we are more than happy to work with whomever you are.

7. Who actually films my wedding?

We are a small, family business. The primary videographer is Andy Swetz and his wife, Bekah, is the primary second shooter. On occasion, Andy’s brother Brian will serve as a secondary shooter. We are a small but mighty crew.

4. When do I get my final film?

Delivery of your final film typically happens 6-8 weeks after your event. You’ll receive a link to your video online to view it immediately and access to download your film digitally.

If you choose the Family Flash Drive add-on, your delivery is typically mailed out within 5 days of your video going live.

8. Is the initial deposit non-refundable?

Unfortunately, all deposits are non-refundable. Since we book dates so far in advance to secure your coverage, we close your date to other prospective clients and might lose business as a result.

If you cancel your services after you’ve paid your remaining balance (30 days prior to the event), then you receive that balance back but not the deposit.

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